Smartband Amazfit Band 5 on sale now for only 24 euros

The model we are talking about has some characteristics that are very interesting, and that makes it one of the most complete options on the market today. An example of what we say is that it has a 1.1 inch color screen using a panel AMOLED. This, together with a resolution of 126 x 294 pixels, ensures that you will always obtain good quality both indoors and outdoors. By the way, this component has curvature on the sides so that its appearance is striking.

Amazfit Band 5 smartband screen

One of the good things about this wearable accessory is that it offers Many options of use that justify your purchase. Apart from being able to see the time on your screen or the weather of the place where you are, you can also view the messages that arrive and say in this way if you take the phone out of your pocket or not and even check the physical activity you do In day to day. To achieve this with more than solvent precision, it must be said that the Amazfit Band 5 smartband has a good number of sensors Among which the heart rate itself stands out (and which also allows to know the level of stress or the quality of sleep) and a 3-axis accelerometer that allows to recognize more than fifteen sports automatically. In other words, we believe that its usefulness is beyond doubt.

Great autonomy in the Amazfit Band 5 smartband

This is an essential detail, since it largely depends on whether the user experience is good or not. The fact is that with a full charge of the 125 mAh battery you have, you get two weeks of operation usual without the slightest problem. It should be noted that for charging an adapter with a USB port that is placed at the bottom of the bracelet is used and that it is quite comfortable compared to what its competition offers. And, all this, with a weight that does not exceed 24 grams including the strap that can be changed is this Amazfit.

Amazfit Band 5 with blue background

Offer that is impressive … do not miss it!

Right now there is a promotion that is really impressive, and it is available in the Amazon store. The point is that you can take advantage of a discount of nothing less than him Four. Five%, which means that you only have to pay 24.90 euros to get this product in green and orange colors. Also, if you have a Prime account you should not pay absolutely nothing for shipping costs. With what is indicated, it is quite clear that this is one of the most complete smart bracelets on the market and that right now it is more striking if you want to buy one. This is the link you should use.

With excellent compatibility, since it is its connectivity is Bluetooth 5.0 (and for this reason it is possible to synchronize the product with both iOS phones and those that use the Android operating system), we believe that this is an excellent purchase option. In addition, you can use it at any time and situation, due among other things to the fact that it does not lack water resistance and its ease of use is excellent. compatible with Alexa. We recommend that if you are looking for the smart bracelet, do not hesitate to buy it.

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