Smart Window Cleaning Robot at a Big Discount at Amazon

Years ago it was difficult to think that technology was going to invade our homes in this way. However, today, it is enough to lift your head and see the number of connected devices that we have in our homes. Undoubtedly, one of the most demanded nowadays is robot vacuum cleaners, since they allow us to have the floor of the house perfectly clean without any effort. But it is not the only thing that can help us clean this type of device, since we can also use a robot to clean the windows at home or in the office. If you are looking for a smart window cleaning robot, now you can buy this PRIXTON model with a big discount.

If you are looking for a robot of this type, you may have already seen one work or have been told about how much they can make things easier for you when cleaning large windows. And is that this type of robot has been designed precisely for that, to comfortably clean the windows without this involving a great effort and dedication of time.


The window cleaning robot that we now find on sale is the PRIXTON Spire BT200, a robot with different cleaning programs that we can control and choose through the corresponding app from our mobile phone, available for iOS and Android. In this way, we can program smart cleaning routes to leave all the crystals like jets of gold.

This PRIXTON robot has a high suction system suitable for framed glass, tables, smooth surfaces or walls. It has several anti-drop sensors and edge sensors for the most efficient cleaning possible, reaching every corner, and safe. It is programmable and allows its remote control through the mobile or its own remote control.

Allows you to clean almost any glass and has a very lightweight design. The cleaning speed offered by this PRIXTON Spire BT200 robot is 2.5min / m2 and has dimensions of 34.8 x 26.6 x 13 cm with a weight of only 2.68 kg.

Offer for the PRIXTON Spire BT200 robot window cleaner

The offer for this smart window cleaning robot can be found on Amazon, where a 17% discount has been applied to a previously reduced price. The official price of this window cleaning robot is 251.95 euros, but it is possible to get it on Amazon at the final price of 189.95 euros. This makes us save up to 62 euros when buying this PRIXTON Spire BT200 robot.

The model on offer is white, has a lithium-ion battery and is quite silent while you are working. How could it be otherwise, it has a security system and includes two types of pads, one for dry cleaning and the other for wet cleaning. Both are made of microfiber cloth and designed to clean the glass without leaving traces.

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