Smart TV TCL 50C715 with QLED screen and HDR with an incredible discount

This is a model that has very good options and features and, among them, is to use an operating system Android TV (in its ninth version). This means that it includes the most current development offered by Google and therefore it has software that will allow you to navigate through the different menus in a very simple way to install a large number of applications (many of them free) from the Play Store. This is already something convincing, but it must also be noted that inside this product you will find a player Chromecast so you can send content from your phone.

TCL 50C715 with Android

Very good image quality

This is especially because this is a model that has a panel QLED, which means that it offers very good precision when showing colors, something that results in the compatibility of this model with content HDR10 +, for example. In addition, it also includes technology Quantum dot, mentioned above also ensures a really high brightness power so that no type of reflection will disturb you when you are using the TCL 50C715. This, added to its resolution 4K, they ensure that you will be quite satisfied when watching movies or playing games.

Other of the options that you will find in this television and that are aimed at always obtaining a good experience, is the use of technology Mega Contrast. This allows you to optimize everything you see taking full advantage of the refresh rate that can reach 60 Hz. Therefore, you will be quite satisfied with this model if you decide to buy it.

Side of the TCL 50C715

A good buy offer for the TCL 50C715

The promotion that you will find in MediaMarkt allows you save you 20% of the price that this model usually has, which means that you only have to pay 399.20 euros to have it at home and without adding absolutely anything for shipping costs (if you make the purchase today you will receive it at the latest on the 22nd of this same month of June). This promotion is very interesting, since we are talking about a television of a very good quality and that, in addition, has dimensions that are not at all excessive considering that we are talking about a 50-inch screen. They are as follows: 699 x 1,114 x 270 mm including its base.

With all that we have said, it is quite clear that this Smart TV TCL 50C715 is a purchase option that you should keep in mind at this time, and that it also has a sound of 20 W quite correct that it offers compatibility with both Dolby and DTS. In what has to do with connectivity, something that is also important in televisions now that there are many accessories that are connected to them, you should know that they are not lacking three HDMI ports; WiFi and Ethernet to connect to the Internet; and there are also possibilities like a pair of USB ports and optical audio output so that any advanced sound bar can be used without the slightest problem.

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