Smart TV Samsung 55TU8505 with a 20% discount

Finding a television that meets everything we need is usually not an easy task, since when deciding to buy a new television, most of us want it to be good, beautiful and cheap. However, it is not always possible to put these three premises together, so we will have no choice but to choose the one that best suits our preferences and budget. Taking into account that one of the most popular sizes is 55 inches, it is now possible to get this interesting Samsung model on sale with which you will surely be able to live a great home theater experience.

Great value for money

The model in question is the Samsung 55TU8505, a Smart TV of 55 inches with 4K resolution and technology Crystal Display, that offers a greater expression of colors and sharpness of images thanks to its composition of inorganic and crystalline nanoparticles that offer a wide range of colors and optimizes the sharpness of each image. In addition, thanks to the Dual Led system and its lighting system that mixes warm light with cold light, it is able to adapt the tone of each color and reproduce a higher level of contrast and much more realistic colors.

This model also increases the brightness so that we can enjoy a wide range of colors and great detail, even in those darker scenes, thanks to the HDR10 +. But there are still more features to highlight of this Smart TV Samsung 55TU8505, and it is that it has One Remote Control, the function that allows us to have control of all our devices with a single remote control and function Multi View, which allows us to see the screen of our smartphone on the television at the same time as playing any content on the television itself.

As far as the sound section is concerned, thanks to the artificial intelligence of the processor of this Smart TV, the TV itself is capable of adjusting the intensity of the sound automatically when detecting any variation. Of course, it is compatible with Google and Alexa assistants, so we can interact with them through voice commands to ask them to put our favorite content, etc.

Offer for Samsung 55TU8505 Smart TV

This model of Smart TV from the Asian manufacturer has an official price of 769 euros, however, thanks to the offer we find on Amazon, it is possible to buy it at a lower price. Specifically, the online shopping giant has applied a 20% discount above the original price, which is a savings of 150 euros.

Therefore, the final price at which we have the Samsung 55TU8505 Smart TV available at the moment is 619 euros. A price that makes it one of the 55-inch Smart TVs with the best value for money. If we are also customers of the Amazon Prime service, shipping costs are free. The delivery time is only 3 business days, so if you place your order now, in just a few days you can enjoy your new TV.

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