Smart TV QLED Samsung with big screen now discounted 409 euros

The model we are talking about is the Samsung 55Q70R, a team that among other things stands out could include a panel QLED who ensures excellent image quality. So much so that it offers compatibility with HDR 1000, something that allows you to be sure that the realism of the colors that you are going to enjoy is excellent. In addition, this is a model that has some additional technologies that ensure that you will always enjoy the best experience. An example is Direct Full Array which always shows the best possible lighting (something that positively affects contrast), and also highlights the use of technology Quantum dot, which allows a brightness of 1,000 nits to be reached, which has a very positive effect on both watching videos and playing games.

Front of the Samsung 55Q70R

One of the good details that you will find in this Samsung QLED Smart TV is that it has an operating system called Tizen and that offers one of the best versatility that exists in a software for televisions that is perfectly combined with a good number of applications among which all the important cloud services are not lacking. With a very simple use, it should be noted that the integrated quad-core processor (and that allows fast and effective scaling), together with the rest of the hardware used allow to obtain a very good user experience.

An offer that is a reason to buy

At this time, and for an unlimited time (as well as the number of units), you can get this Samsung 55Q70R with an excellent discount which is located in the 31% of the price that you would normally have to pay to buy it from home in the eBay store. In addition, it should also be noted that right now you do not have to pay anything for shipping, so overall what you have to pay is only 890 euros. Without a doubt, a more than adequate price for a QLED TV. This is the link you have to use in order not to miss this opportunity:

Good sound on this Samsung QLED Smart TV

We say this because inside this TV you will find 2.1 channels, so a good location and power is achieved, since it reaches the 40 W. This is a brand that surpasses the vast majority of televisions with which it competes in the market. Obviously, it does not lack compatibility with advanced technologies such as Dolby and, here, the use of Artificial Intelligence is also taken advantage of so that what you listen to best adapts to where you are.

Side of the Samsung 55Q70R QLED Smart TV

Finally, we do not want to stop indicating that the dimensions of this Samsung QLED Smart TV are quite contained, since they remain in only 780.2 x 1,230.6 x 248.3 mm including its legs. Pretty good considering the size of the screen on this model. In addition, when it comes to connectivity you will find everything you need, since for example it has four HDMI ports and they do not lack access to wireless options such as Bluetooth and WiFi.

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