Smart TV QLED Samsung Samsung 43Q60T for only 549 euros

Today there are many Smart TV models that we can find among the catalogs of the different manufacturers. Models with different sizes, resolutions and screen types and technologies, which makes it difficult for many to make a good choice. In this case, the size will depend on the space we have, the distance from which we watch TV and of course, the budget we have. The type of panel is also something to assess, since in this case, QLEDs are one of those that offer better image quality. Therefore, if you are looking for a Smart TV at a good price with QLED panel, now you have the opportunity to get this Samsung model on sale.

Great value for money

The model in question is a Smart TV from the company’s catalog of televisions from the past 2020 and which is now reduced by more than 200 euros. It’s about the Samsung 43Q60T, a 43-inch screen television with a frequency of 3,000 Hz and 4K resolution. In addition, it is compatible with HDR10 + content, which ensures a very high dynamic range in terms of colors and also has artificial intelligence.

It is driven by a Quantum Lite processor which is able to precisely manage the brightness and contrast of the television to display the best image quality at all times. So much so, that it is also capable of scaling the image when the original quality is very low, showing them up to 4K regardless of the source.

Another detail to take into account of this model is that it allows the use of the most used voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa. In this way, we can control certain details of our television or request any kind of help from the attendees with a simple voice command.

It has an operating system Tizen, typical of the Asian manufacturer, which will allow us to comfortably and easily handle our television, install applications, games, etc. In the connectivity section, it should be noted that this Samsung 43Q60T Smart TV does not lack WiFi or Bluetooth connection and it also has three HDMI ports and USB ports.

As far as sound is concerned, this model has two 20 W stereo speakers compatible with Dolby Digital Plus so that the audiovisual experience is the best possible.

Big discount for Samsung 43Q60T Smart TV

The official or recommended price of this Samsung model is set at 760.33 euros, but as we already anticipated, it is a model that we can now find on sale. Specifically, Amazon has applied a 28% discount on this Samsung 43Q60T, which represents a saving of 211.33 euros, leaving its final price at 549 euros. Therefore, we could say that it is one of the 43-inch Smart TVs with a better value for money.

The delivery time for this TV is just a couple of business days and offers free shipping for those who are subscribed to the Amazon Prime service. A product on which Amazon offers its financing service to be able to pay it in four installments of 140.68 euros. Of course, this means having to pay a little more for this TV.

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