Smart TV QLED Samsung 49Q80T on sale now for 200 euros less

The model we are talking about is the Samsung 49Q80T, a team that has different virtues among which is having a panel QLED of 49 inches that ensures an image quality out of all. An example of what we say is that the maximum resolution is very positive, since it reaches 4K. Nor does it lack compatibility with HDR so that the range of colors you see with all kinds of content is as wide as possible. Even this is a television that has technologies such as Dynamic Black Equalizer and FreeSync which improves the liquidity with the works in the first case and the fluidity of everything that is shown in the second (this is ideal with the games).

Samsung 49Q80T QLED Smart TV with background

Another good detail and that makes this equipment different from others of the competition is that the power supported by its stereo speakers (which are 2.2 channels) reaches the 40 W, so it is quite superior to something common in current TVs. Obviously it does not lack advanced options such as the use of technology DTS. It should be noted this Samsung QLED Smart TV is a model that has a base that consists of a single element, which allows placement in practically any place, and that its dimensions are not especially large taking into account the integrated panel. They are as follows: 1,094.8 x 711.4 x 239.8 mm.

Crazy … on offer

We do not say this just because, since the existing offer at the moment to buy from home and with high reliability the television we are talking about reaches 200 euros of savings compared to the price that it usually has. The point is that the discount is located in the twenty% for a model that has a very advanced operating system (Tizen, which allows the installation of all kinds of applications, including the most demanded clients of streaming video services), right now you don’t have to pay nothing for shipping costs. This is the link that you have to use so as not to lose the possibility of taking advantage of the promotion we are talking about.

Very complete this Samsung QLED Smart TV

There are several reasons for saying this, one of them being that it does not lack a complete remote control so that you can carry out all kinds of tasks comfortably and precisely (in addition, there is also compatibility with the voice assistants most used today such as Amazon’s Alexa). A detail that seems quite important to us in this Samsung 49Q80T is that it has MultiView, so it is possible to divide the screen into two well differentiated parts and in one view the content of the TV and in the other what is sent from the phone, for example.

Samsung Smart TV with remote

No problems in what has to do with connectivity in this complete television, since it does not lack Ethernet and WiFi to access the Internet, and among the physical ports that exist on this Samsung QLED Smart TV you can find four HDMI, a USB pair and even optical digital audio output, we think this is an excellent option to change the TV and take a leap in everything you enjoy when you are quietly in the living room.

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