Smart TV Philips 65 “with Alexa and Ambilight for only 616.03 euros

On this occasion, the offer we have found is for one of the Philips models. A Smart TV of nothing more and nothing less than 65 inches with 4K resolution and the famous Ambilight from the manufacturer that allows you to feel the sensation of having an even larger screen and create a perfect atmosphere for each scene.

Hot deal for Philips 65PUS7805 Smart TV

The model in question is the Philips 65PUS7805, a Smart TV with a diagonal of 164 cm that offers great image and sound quality and that has the integrated Alexa voice assistant. This Philips Smart TV has an official price of 799 euros but that on Amazon already had a reduction to 704.68 euros.

Now, the online shopping giant has applied a new discount of 13% on the reduced price. This represents a saving of another 88.65 euros on the discount already applied previously, which represents a total savings of more than 180 euros. In this way, the final price at which we can buy this Philips 65PUS7805 Smart TV is 616.03 euros.

Smart TV Philips 65PUS7805 of 65"

The TV offers a delivery time of between 9 and 14 days and those who are subscribed to the Amazon Prime service will be able to enjoy the advantage of receiving this Smart TV completely free of charge at home. For a little more, about 15 euros, we also have the option of financing the purchase of this model, being able to pay it in four installments over a period of 90 days.

Big screen with Ambilight and built-in Alexa

Philips Ambilight It is the technology that thanks to the intelligent LEDs that are found around the edges of the television, respond to any action on the screen to emit an enveloping light. But in addition to this great experience, the Philips 65PUS7805 is a Smart TV compatible with video and sound formats Dolby HDR, which means that the content will be displayed in a high quality of both image and sound.

The image processing engine that this model has, Philips Perfect Picture, is capable of displaying a very bright image with great depth, with more vivid colors, more realistic skin tones and a very sharp contrast in every scene, which undoubtedly increases the level of detail in each image. In addition, it offers a very smooth movement so that we do not lose a detail at all times.

Philips 65PUS7805 Smart TV with Alexa

It should be noted that it is a model that has Integrated Alexa, so it is possible to control this Philips 65PUS7805 with our own voice and ask the assistant for all kinds of help, from changing the channel for us to knowing the weather forecast or even controlling other smart devices through the TV.

This Philips model has a Saphi operating system, but the truth is that today there are a lot of devices to bring Android TV to your TV for very little money.

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