Smart TV LG OLED48CX6LB on offer with 200 euros of savings

Home theater experience

It is a Smart TV LG OLED48CX6LB, a television that, as its name suggests, has a 48 inch OLED panel, which means a screen diagonal of 120 cm. A screen with measures that will allow us to enjoy any content from the sofa at home with total comfort.

A model c100% compatible with HDR formats (HDR Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG and HDR Converter) to offer a greater level of detail in all kinds of scenes thanks to purer blacks. This LG Smart TV is powered by a 4K a9 Gen.3 processor that uses Deep Learning-based image and sound processing algorithms that constantly analyze and process the content we are watching to offer us the best possible audiovisual experience.

Also, thanks to Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos and that it is one of the Smart TV models with Filmmaker mode, we can enjoy mastered images and sounds. If we add to this that this LG OLED48CX6LB offers a wide viewing angle, then surely we will be able to enjoy a complete cinema experience from any angle. Let’s not forget that Dolby Atmos offers an experience of full 360 degree surround sound.

The operating system with which this model is equipped is webOS 5.0, an easy, fast and secure system, with which we will be able to use our favorite apps and access the different contents and functions in a simple way. As if that were not enough, it also has an active care system for our eyesight, eliminating any photobiological risk derived from using the screens for a long time.

Smart TV LG OLED48CX6LB on sale

This very complete 48-inch LG OLED48CX6LB Smart TV with artificial intelligence and OLED panel has an official price of 1,599 euros, but thanks to the offer we find on Amazon, it is possible to save 200 euros on the purchase of this model. Therefore, the final price for this model is 1,399 euros.

A model that also has the built-in Alexa assistant, which allows us to ask you to put our favorite content, play music, tell us the weather or the news of the day, with a simple voice command.

The delivery time for this LG OLED48CX6LB Smart TV is just two or three business days, so in just a few hours you can have the TV at home and start enjoying it.

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