Smart TV 8K Samsung with an impressive offer: 806 euros of savings

One of the first things you should know about this device is that it has a backlight panel QLED what’s wrong with it 55 inch, this is more than enough space to not have problems even with the games of the consoles and take full advantage of the resolution of 7680 x 4,320 pixels that it offers. Without any problem to enjoy all kinds of content that are compatible with HDR, which ensures a very high quality and realism of colors, one of the great virtues of the equipment we are talking about is that it has a processor inside Quantum Processor 8K that ensured a fantastic scaling and that allows the use of dynamic formats in real time that adjust the definition to the place where you are.

8K Smart TV Samsung QE55Q700TATXXC with remote

Having already clear that it is the exceptional image quality in this Samsung 8K Smart TV, it should also be noted that the sound is not far behind, since it has a power of 60 W allowed by its 4.2.2 channels. This makes it possible for you to have no problems getting an excellent location when watching movies and series (and, especially, with games where you may not want to resort to using a sound bar). Obviously, it does not lack advanced options either, it is what has to do with technologies, since an example of what we say is its compatibility with Dolby Digital Plus.

A connectivity that will convince you

This section is of vital importance to be satisfied with the purchase you make, whenever we talk about a television. The fact is that you will find several wireless options among which are Bluetooth, WiFi, and even DLNA. In this way, you can access the Internet without using a cable to send content from your phone to enjoy it on the screen of this equipment. Besides, you can be very calm when evaluating the possibility of having many accessories connected since there are four HDMI ports, a USB pair and also both Ethernet and digital optical audio output. Has it all.

8K Smart TV front Samsung QE55Q700TATXXC

Big discount for this Samsung 8K Smart TV

We believe that you should not miss the opportunity. I will give you the leap to the most important resolution that is currently available since right now in the eBay store you can get this Samsung QE55Q700TATXXC with an absolutely groundbreaking discount: 806.61 euros, which is a 36% less than you would normally have to pay. Without having to add anything for shipping costs at the moment (and beware that this may be something that has a time limit), we leave you the link that you must use to get this TV that among other things has Artificial intelligence and access to the most used voice assistants today.

Finally, there are a couple of details that we want to make clear and that are important in this big screen Smart TV. The first is that it uses Tizen as an operating system, so you will not have a problem to install all the applications of the streaming video services that currently exist, and also some games. In addition, if you are interested in knowing the dimensions of this model, you should know that including its base of a single element you have the following: 793 x 1,230.1 x 340.4 mm.

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