Smart TV 4K TCL with a big screen with a discount of 485 euros

The device we are talking about is the TCL 75EP680, which has dimensions of 1,055 x 1,675 x 345 mm which is not bad for a computer that has a 75-inch screen with LED backlighting. Compatible with contents HDR10 + and Dolby Vision, its good behavior with all types of content is adequate both to enjoy console games and not to miss any detail of the movies and series that currently exist on streaming video platforms (with the use of technologies such as Micro Dimming Pro). By the way, the maximum frequency that can be used is 60 Hz, which is quite a positive detail and combines perfectly with fast and quite efficient scaling.

4K Smart TV TCL 75EP680

When it comes to connectivity, you will not find any problem so that you do not have to be regularly with the cables in hand connecting and disconnecting. An example of what we say is that it has WiFi and Ethernet to access the Internet and therefore take advantage of its complete operating system designed by Google. Additionally, it includes other wireless options such as Bluetooth and a Chromecast receiver, which makes it possible to send content from phones. Other possibilities are the following:

  • Three HDMI ports
  • Optical digital audio output
  • Headphone jack
  • Two USB connections
  • Component video input

Big discount to buy this TV

Due to the existence of a flash offer in the Amazon store, right now there is a saving of about 400 euros that you can take advantage of from home to get a large screen TV that has a quality beyond any doubt. Without having to pay absolutely anything for shipping in the case of having a Prime account, it must be said that this device includes a quad-core processor inside so that everything works properly and allows the use of voice assistants such as Alexa or Google’s own. This is the link you have to use.

Important things about this 4K TCL Smart TV

There is no great news in what has to do with the sound that this TV allows, which is stereo and compatible with Dolby. You are sure a good location and use of current content always using a power that reaches the 20 W. To get the most out of this device, it is not a bad idea to think about buying an advanced soundbar that, among other things, includes a subwoofer.

Side of TCL 75EP680

With an attractive design that has some frames that are extremely slimOne of the best in this section is this 4K TCL Smart TV on offer, we believe that this model is an excellent option to buy if you are looking for a combination that allows you to enjoy a large television accompanied by the Android TV operating system (which undoubtedly some is one of the best that exist today, since it allows the installation of a large number of applications).

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