Smart TV 4K LG with a very large screen with a discount of 34 euros

The dimensions of the panel with Direct LED backlight are of 70 inches nothing less, so the space you enjoy with all kinds of content is excellent and will give you an indisputable cinematic feeling. It does not lack advanced options such as compatibility with HDR10 Pro, which is very positive with the series, and very positive technologies among which stands out Advanced Color Enhancer which allows colors and textures to always be displayed with the best possible quality. Therefore, you will not have quality problems with the LG 70UN7100.

LG 70UN7100 4K Smart TV connections

This LG 4K Smart TV also performs wonderfully when it comes to connectivity, so it is a model that ensures that you do not have to constantly manipulate cables, something that is always very positive, since this it’s really tedious. Thus, for example, they do not lack three HDMI ports and one USB pair (In both cases compatible with version 2.0, so it perfectly fulfills its function). Additionally, it should also be noted that it has Ethernet; digital optical audio output; and even component video input. If you wonder about the wireless possibilities, this model also meets, since it has Bluetooth, WiFi and also with DLNA.

Do not miss the offer for the LG 70UN7100

Are 134.07 euros the ones you can save money right now to buy the TV we are talking about, so we believe it is an excellent opportunity to get a large screen TV that belongs to the 2020 range of the Asian manufacturer. If you have a Prime account you do not have to pay anything for shipping costs, something that surely interests you, and among the virtues that the device has is that it has an operating system webOS, which is very complete and has applications for all streaming video platforms that exist today. This is the link you have to use:

Good options on this LG 4K Smart TV

One of them is that it has a pretty good sound quality. Being stereo and with a power of 20 W In total (something that does not make it particularly remarkable), it does draw the attention in this model that offers support for a lot of additional possibilities. An example is that it has size for Dolby Digital or Clear Voice III, but what really catches our attention is that it includes Artificial Intelligence to always get the best results here and, in addition, it has full Bluetooth support.

Front of the LG 70UN7100 4K Smart TV

Finally, it should be noted that the dimensions with a base that this television has are 984 x 1,578 x 299 mm and that, also, has a large number of presets to fully enjoy different types of content, such as sports, games and, of course, series and movies.

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