Smart TV 4K LG with a big screen with a discount of 190 euros

One of the first things you should know about this model is that it has a screen of 50 inch that as it cannot be of another form allows the native use of contents 4K. That is, you will not have any problem to make the most of what exists right now on online platforms where there are a large number of series and movies. With a 16: 9 ratio and frequency of 100 HzIt is important to mention that the integrated panel is LED type. To all this, we must add that you will not have any problem viewing videos that have compatibility HDR10 Pro, so the range of colors that it allows to represent is very wide and you will enjoy excellent realism.

Front of the Smart TV 4K LG 50UN80006LC

As far as sound is concerned, this LG 50UN80006LC must be noted that this television complies with what is understood as normal today. That is, the power of its two stereo speakers reaches the 20 W and that has enhancement technologies such as AI Sound or Clear Voice III. By the way, this model due to, among other things, the aforementioned frequency and management additions in the operation make an excellent fluidity in the images, for which a excellent match when combining it with the consoles games.

Use options on this LG 4K Smart TV

One of the positive ones is that this TV has an operating system webOS, which is one of the most complete that exist today and you will not have any problem when installing applications among which there are not all streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney +. To this must be added that it has different modes that optimize operation for specific processes, such as Filmmaker Mode or HDR Effect, which allows you to easily adjust the parameters of the LG 50UN80006LC to take advantage of it in the best possible way.

LG 50UN80006LC connections

Good discount that surely interests you

If with what we have said you think that this is the TV that fits what you are looking for, now you can buy it in the eBay store with a discount that reaches the 27% which means that you save 190.62 euros. In other words, it is an excellent purchase opportunity among TVs that have a 50-inch screen. With dimensions of 1,128 x 231 x 658 mm with support, which is quite good, we leave you the link that you have to use to make the purchase and where you will not have to pay anything for shipping costs.

With all that we have said and taking into account that the connectivity offered by this LG 4K Smart TV is quite complete (since it does not lack Bluetooth; Wifi; 4 HDMI ports; optical digital audio output; and even a couple of USB connections where it is possible to use external drives in which there are high-resolution videos), the truth is that it is a good opportunity to get hold of this product that has a very low consumption now that it has a very interesting discount.

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