Smart ring that could detect chronic diseases

Movano ring

With the aim that you can take care of your health, Movano was created. A smart ring that could detect chronic diseases from your smartphone

More and more companies are launching devices to take care of people’s health, in the CES 2022 will be presented Movano. A smart ring that could detect chronic diseases.

According to the company, with this device people will be able to monitor their health from their smartphone. This way they could detect if something is not right.

Like a Smart watch, Movano can detect heart rate (HRV), sleep, breathing rate, temperature, blood oxygen level, steps and calories.

Movano smart ring

Although the smart ring It can be used by anyone, the company highlighted that it is designed especially for women.

Movano It will have its application so that people can see their data and thus have control over their health.

The Verge shared some screenshots of the application where you can see that the information is presented in a simple way. Therefore, people will be able to better understand the data and thus be able to go to the doctor in time when an anomaly is detected.

“Movano proposes a subscription service that could be above 6 dollars a month”

Although the long-term goal is to predict chronic diseases. For now I would only present an analysis combining various factors such as sleep and exercise.

Movano app

The objective of the smart ring is to control “blood sugar and blood pressure. In order to carry out clinical trials and collect more data using radio frequencies ”.

However, the company must obtain authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.

Specialists point out that Movano It won’t be available until the second half of 2022, and even then it will be in beta.

The price at which it will hit the market is also unknown, although the company wants it to be an affordable device so that people can buy it.

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