Smart bulbs that you can buy now with great discounts

All the models that you will find that the selection we have made include a advanced connectivity that allows them to be controlled remotely, either through the use of voice or simply with an application was the mobile device you have (whether it uses iOS or Google’s Android operating system). Therefore, they are excellent options to make your home much smarter and what common actions in the day to day as turning on or turning off the lights is something much more comfortable and even unfortunate forgetfulness can be corrected.

Xiaomi LED RGB smart bulbs

Smart bulbs now on sale

Here is a list of models that you can buy with the most interesting discounts and that, in addition, are available in different online stores so you can get these smart bulbs without having to leave home. In addition, the options that you will find have a quality that in our opinion is beyond doubt.


This is a model that is compatible with practically all voice assistants that exist today, and thanks to its connectivity the management is very simple even with the mobile phone. It allows you to configure the light that it emits very precisely, since we are talking about RGB, and in what has to do with the power, the one it offers is equivalent to 90 watts of the traditional models. They are sold a pack of two and right now it has a discount of 20%.


Philips Hue smart bulbs

This is a rather curious model, since instead of resorting to a WiFi connection to manage its operation, the option it uses is Bluetooth. The pack includes a pair of bulbs that emit warm white light and can be dimmed. This is an option that is compatible with Alexa and has a power of 8 W that allows reaching 60 in traditional figures. The existing saving is 10%.

Philips Hue

Xiaomi Yeelight 1SE

An RGB option that does not lack a very interesting power and a very simple control both with the voice and with the corresponding application offered by the Asian company. Without compatibility problems with the different current operating systems, its durability is quite wide, since the manufacturer itself indicates that it exceeds 25,000 hours. Now you can get it with a discount of 18%.

Xiaomi smart bulbs

NGS Gleam 514

The wireless connectivity offered by this model is WiFi, and it has a free application that is compatible with all types of mobile devices, whether smartphones or tablets. This is a candle-type bulb that is perfectly suited for living room lamps and even bedside lamps and as far as power is concerned it reaches 40 W, which is a pretty good figure for most cases. It can be had for 29% less.

NGS Gleam 514

TP-Link Filament Bulb

A most striking option, since it can be even decorative because it is a model in which the filaments stand out, and that right now it has a 32% discount. Compatible with all voice assistants you may need, its light is warm white and has a power of 7 W, which is more than enough for most occasions. It is striking that its durability is one of the best on the market, exceeding 25,000 hours.

TP-Link Filament Bulb

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