She is Sam, the virtual assistant of Samsung that excites Internet users

Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant… virtual assistants are a great invention. They make us feel that our electronic devices have life and are even our friends. Have you already met Sam, Samsung’s virtual assistant more recent?

Samsung already has Bixby, however, according to brand information, Sam is not planned to be his replacement. We tell you what we know about Sam.

Sam, Samsung's virtual assistant
* Photo Tech Agent via Twitter

The Bixby replacement?

Bixby is so far the virtual assistant for Samsung devices. It is capable of answering all kinds of questions, making comments and providing services, just like Siri or Alexa do.

Until recently nothing was known about Sam and everything was kept in speculation. In fact, the Lightfarm Studios company posted on Twitter some versions of Sam’s image, designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy.

Without a doubt, Samsung’s new virtual assistant has caught the attention of Internet users in recent days. Sam looks cheerful, bold and like a great partner to solve any technological hurdle. But will it be the replacement for the current Samsung assistant?

Who is Sam, Samsung's new virtual assistant
* Photo Tech Agent via Twitter

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So what will Sam’s role be?

Sam will not be the replacement for Bixby – according to Samsung -; Sam will act as a chatbot.

Samsung explains that Bixby continues to be installed on all its retail devices; while Sam is the chatbot for Samsung’s Customer Care team.

In this way, Sam will be in charge of communicating with users and responding automatically through chat on Samsung’s online customer service platforms, such as Messenger, for example.

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Will virtual assistant Sam be Bixby's replacement?
* Photo Tech Agent via Twitter

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A chatbot we can’t wait to interact with

Ultimately, the strategy of being served by a humanoid is closer to us than interacting with a chat without form or name.

So while Sam won’t be Samsung’s new definitive assistant, he’s certainly a great idea to give us the feeling that we’re dealing with a ‘person’ who understands our words and needs.

Samsung, for its part, has not given the last word on the official launch of Sam, its new chatbot assistant, but it does not hurt to meet the girl who could support us as Samsung users in our next consultations, right?

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