‘Shazam !: Fury of the Gods’ shows off its first preview and new costume!

After a full year of zero theatrical releases, stalled productions, and little news regarding upcoming projects, the first details of the sequel to Shazam!, which bears by name, Shazam !: Fury of the Gods, with the return of Zachary levi like the funny superhero.

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Zachary Levi is back in Shazam !: Fury of the Gods- HolaTelcel Blog

The revelation was made thanks to images leaked through Twitter where Zachary levi wears a new and revamped Shazam costume during filming of the sequel. In addition, both the producer and the forty-year-old American actor shared a small preview of the film via social networks, with the simple purpose of exciting fans.


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This new edition of the suit looks less caricatured, more real, dynamic and powerful. Simply stunning, which gives us an idea that this second film will have much better editing and visuals compared to the first.

New Shazam costume for the sequel, less caricatured and more realistic- Blog HolaTelcel
Photo: Twitter

Shazam !: Fury of the Gods, the next premiere within the DC Universe

In addition to the new suit and the return of Zachary levi What ShazamAs well as the rest of the cast, we know that this movie will be released next June 2, 2023, as part of the DC Comics Extended Universe, also known as the DC Universe.

Shazam and Freddy in the director's office, both will return in Fury of Gods- HolaTelcel Blog

On the other hand, this new delivery will again have the address of David F. Sandberg and adds Dwayne johnson to the production, who will soon star in the film Black adam, known for being the main villain of Shazam. Could it be that soon we will see both characters in the same movie?

Dwayne Johnson to star in new Black Adam movie- HolaTelcel Blog

The participation of Lucy liu like Kalypso and Helen mirren as Hespera. Most likely the villains who will try to defeat the charismatic Shazam, who is nothing more than a teenager in the body of a superhero.

The first superhero different from the rest

One of the reasons why Shazam! It was a success, it is that nothing like it had ever been seen before. A film that entertained young and old, with a particularly childish but genuine humor.

Shazam, Zachary Levi, doing the classic Fortnite dance- HolaTelcel Blog

Shazam! is the story of Billy paxton, a twelve-year-old orphan boy who accidentally becomes a superhero, so he has to keep a secret and learn to wield his powers with the help of his brother and best friend, Freddy. If you want to relive the best scenes, remember that you can enjoy Shazam! via Clear video in purchase charged to your Telcel Invoice.

Shazam and Freddy, scene of testing powers in the store- Blog HolaTelcel

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It is expected that Shazam !: Fury of the Gods be a resounding success as the first installment, which managed to raise $ 364 million worldwide. It is one of the most anticipated films of the DC Universe and surely we still have a lot to see from Zachary levi in one of his best roles.

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