Sharp soundbar with 3D surround sound at almost half the price

It is a 5.1.2 soundbar with 570 W of power and high quality surround sound that is accompanied by a wireless subwoofer. The model in question is the Sharp HT-SBW800, a high quality sound bar, with exceptional power and sound and that we can get now at a very low price.

Offer for Sharp HT-SBW800 Soundbar

A model with these benefits is normal to have a high price, specifically this Sharp model has an official price of 574.90 euros. Yes, it is true that a priori it may be within the reach of few pockets, but if we take advantage of the discount that Amazon has applied on this sound bar, we can get a high quality audio equipment at the best possible price.

The discount applied is 43%, which represents a saving of nothing more and nothing less than 244.91 euros. This means that the final price at which we can buy the Sharp HT-SBW800 soundbar from the following link is 329.99 euros.

The product is available with a one day delivery time, so we still have time to place the order and receive it before Christmas. If we prefer, it is also possible to take advantage of the Amazon financing service, being able to pay for the soundbar in 10 months. Of course, we will have to bear some interest, although it is still worth it due to the large discount applied.

Immersive sound and cinema experience

This powerful bluetooth sound system with wireless subwoofer is able to offer us a home theater experience. It is capable of offering 3D surround sound with Dolby Atmos thanks to its 5.1.2 channels, its great power and built-in technology.

It allows you to connect it to any television easily and it is very easy to operate from the included remote control. It has a good section of connectivity with HDMI, digital audio, headphone output, bluetooth, USB, etc.

Design-wise, it’s a slim, low-profile soundbar, just 7cm, so we can fit it perfectly almost under any TV. In addition, it also offers the possibility of mounting it directly on the wall with a bracket for it. The weight of the Sharp HT-SBW800 soundbar is 4.3 kilograms. In short, one of the Dolby Atmos sound bars that we can find right now with a great value for money.

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