Set of an Echo Show 5 and security camera with a great deal

The combination of these two accessories allows you to view both images and videos of the place where you place both on the screen of your mobile phone how on the device itself manufactured by Amazon. An example of the options for use that the set has is to be able to see what happens at all times in the room in which there is a small child or to be able to visualize everything that happens in front of your house without having to look at the camera. window. And, this, you will achieve it wirelessly, since both devices have Wifi.

The offer to buy this set

Right now there is an excellent possibility to save you 14% regarding the price of the product on Amazon. In addition, this set is one of those that are within the Prime promotions, so if you have an account you will not have to add anything for shipping costs. The truth is that it is an excellent option to increase security in your home by taking advantage of the possibility of being able to view images on the Echo Show smart screen and, in addition, the compatibility with Alexa Is complete.

This is the Echo Show 5 screen

The most interesting options that you should know about this model is that it has a 5.5-inch screen, which is more than enough to be able to view without problems everything that the camera that is included in the set acquires. With direct access to Amazon’s voice assistant, it also allows you to enjoy multimedia content such as those coming from Prime Video or Spotify.

Echo Show 5 black

With excellent compatibility and advanced options to control privacy at all times, since it is possible to manually disable the microphone that is integrated in the smart screen, access from mobile devices is really simple and wide (since it is compatible with both with iOS as with Android), and the resolution of the screen is 960 x 480 pixels, so you can see everything with a fairly acceptable definition.

The security camera that is included in the set

The specific model is the EZVIZ ezTube, which offers many virtues such as having a Wi-Fi connection, which allows you to send wirelessly all the images and videos that are acquired quickly and efficiently using the home network. With a resolution of 1080p, it is possible to place this device both indoors and outdoors, since among other things it offers protection against water IP66.

Echo Show 5 set with digital camera

With direct compatibility with Alexa, some additional options is the inclusion of two-way audio so you can listen to what happens where it is placed (and talk to those who are in that place), and it does not lack advanced options such as night vision and strobe light. A good option, without a doubt, that makes the pack we are talking about quite attractive.

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