Sequel to ‘Loving You Hurts’? The cast gathers on the screen

The “impossible” love story between Renata and Ulises it continues to be one of the most popular films in the national cinema. The end of Loving You hurts it is one of the most moving scenes. After almost 20 years, part of the cast reunites on the screen and gives a hint of what happened next.

A fun reunion of Loving You hurts

We all remember the sad death of Renata (Martha Higareda) at the bus station, after trying to escape with Ulises. Almost 20 years after its premiere, the story has taken a 180 degree turn and it seems that the characters in Loving You hurts they found love again.

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Did Ulysses surpass Renata?

During a comedy series, three characters from the main cast of Loving You hurts they met again to make a fun sketch. In the following video you can see a cameo by Ximena Sariñana and Luis Fernando Peña in their roles as Mariana and Ulises, respectively. The actor Armando Hérnandez (Genaro) also appears, who is surprised to see them together.

Did you imagine seeing Ulises and Renata’s sister in love? Remember that you can relive the story of Loving You hurts as many times as you want, since it is available with your Claro video subscription, because you still #TienesMuchoQueVer.

Luis Fernando Peña, who was nominated for an Ariel for Best Actor for his character Ulises, recently confessed in a meeting with the cast that fans still remember him on the street for his famous cry at the end of the film: Renata !:

“Still many, when they see me on the street, they yell at me ‘There goes the Renata!'”

Undoubtedly, Loving You hurts marked a before and after for its protagonists, since regardless of the years that pass, they continue to be related to their roles in the film, this sketch It is one more example of it.

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