Sensor that is placed on any face mask

face mask

The FaceBit sensor was created that is placed on the face mask and will be able to detect your heart rate and air leaks

With the pandemic the use of the mask it has become part of everyday life. Due to its popularity, various brands have developed different types and some even have technology that helps monitor health of people.

But now you no longer have to buy a special face mask Because with facebook it will be possible to turn any mask into a smart surveillance device.

Researchers at Northwestern University developed a face mask sensor which is capable of detecting your heart rate and air leaks.


facebook it attaches magnetically to the mask and is capable of measuring heart rate, “using the subtle movements of the head from pumping blood, and can detect leaks or a poor fit by looking for sudden drops in mask resistance.”

By getting data on the heart and breathing, other things such as stress can be detected. So in this way the user will know when he needs a break.

All the information obtained by facebook it will be transmitted to an app where it records the user’s health in real time.

Its creators are working so that it is not necessary to use a battery since the sensor uses the force of breathing, heat, movement and the sun to extend the life of the mask up to 11 days.

“We wanted to design a smart face mask for healthcare professionals that didn’t have to be inconveniently plugged in during the middle of a shift”

Josiah Hester, developer of the device, noted that they are working on the FaceBit to collect energy from various sources.

“We augment battery power by harvesting power from various sources. Which means you can use the mask for a week or two without having to charge or replace the battery.”

Before it can be launched on the market, it must go through several clinical trials.

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