Sennheiser HD4.50R headphones on sale at an irresistible discount

One of the good things that you will find in this accessory is that you can use it with practically any device that is compatible with technology Bluetooth, such as computers or mobile phones. Finished in a combination of plastic, metal and leather, the appearance of this product is quite striking, something that is very important to many. It should also be noted that the ergonomics what the company offers in this device is Really good, since among other things the foam that is included in each of the glasses is of high quality, thus avoiding the memory effect.

Sennheiser HD4.50R Headband Headphones

Good sound quality

This is something that is characteristic of the products of the company we are talking about, since it is one of the most prestigious in the sound market. Among other things, it should be noted that it has active noise cancellation called Noise Guard, which prevents absolutely nothing from disturbing when using them (ideal, for example, to appreciate all the details of the dialogues of the series). Another good detail that you should know about these Sennheiser HD4.50R headphones is that their frequency response ranges from 18 at 22,000 Hz, so you will enjoy your music with excellent precision whether you have it locally or if it is in the cloud on platforms such as Amazon Music.

Before continuing, we also believe that it is quite positive to note that the impedance who is able to use this accessory reaches the 18 ohms and what pressure level is 113 dB, which are details that certify a very good sound quality.

Sennheiser HD4.50R Headphones Folded

Hot deal on these Sennheiser HD4.50R headphones

Right now there is a discount that we believe makes the purchase of this accessory more than recommended, since you can save 33% with respect to the price that it usually has in the market. Therefore, for only 119 euros you can buy these complete wireless headphones without having to pay anything for shipping costs from home. Next, we leave you the link that you must use so as not to miss the offer we are talking about for a model that combines the color black and red in a way that is most suitable to offer a striking appearance.

Finally, we want to indicate a couple of details that are important to know what these Sennheiser HD4.50R headphones offer and that shows that the manufacturer has thought of everything. The first is to indicate that it does not lack microphone to be able to use it as a hands-free or execute voice commands with the assistants that are commonly found in today’s mobile phones. In addition, control elements are included so that you do not have to take your smartphone out of your pocket, which is a good detail that adds to another possibility that is quite positive: this is an accessory that can be fold.

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