Senate approves companies to pay electricity and internet at home office

Home office

With 91 votes in favor, an initiative is approved that forces companies to have to pay the expenses of their workers

Due to the contingency due to Covid-19, many companies were forced to send their workers to Work from home. In this way, they could comply with the work duties while still complying with the measures recommended by the health authorities.

However, this option brought other problems as the workers were forced to have enough equipment to fulfill their responsibilities. These expenses had to be met by each person.

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Therefore, a reform that would force companies to have to pay for electricity and internet for employees during the home office. This thanks to a reform to the Federal Labor Law.

The Chamber of Deputies detailed that although it is expected that a return to normalcy could soon be carried out, some employers have seen the remote work as an opportunity to reduce expenses and have the same productivity.

What does the reform indicate about the home office?

The opinion is implemented in the Federal Labor Law in article 311 and Chapter XII Bis is added. It is considered as home office to the work carried out in a place other than the company’s facilities or work center.

Among the reforms that are implemented are “special obligations for employers, in order to provide the means, resources and tools necessary to perform the job, which include, among others, assuming expenses derived from the working day, respect for the right to disconnection, mechanisms and adequate training for the use of information and communication technologies ”.


That is, the workers they may already demand payment of the expenses generated by being in home office. It also includes equipment and maintenance costs, such as a computer and printer.

But workers are obliged to take care of and preserve the equipment that is delivered, and they must also return it at the end of the period.

The reform also includes working hours since they should not increase. Even if you are working remotely, you should not work more than what is contemplated.

The initiative also includes the privacy of employees, since no employee can force people to work with the microphone and the camera on at all times.

“It also seeks that those employees who went from the face-to-face to the virtual mode maintain all their rights, such as salary, vacations and benefits”

This reform will only apply when 40% of the fulfillment of the work occurs outside the workplace.

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