Segway Ninebot S type electric scooter with a great discount

Segway type scooter for day to day

Recall that Xiaomi bought Segway a few years ago through Ninebot, thus becoming one of the most popular brands of electric scooters on the market. In this case, the Ninebot S It is a model that allows us to move comfortably and safely. The truth is that the handling of this type of scooter can take a little back if we have never tried one, but the truth is that it offers a very comfortable and practical driving that is learned in a very short time.

Ninebot S side electric scooter

A driving mode that also allows us to have our hands free, something that is not possible with other types of electric scooters and that is also easy to transport when we do not use it. The maximum speed it reaches is 16 km / h and offers autonomy of up to 22 km. More than enough if we are not one of those who need another type of electric scooters with greater autonomy.

It has an intelligent and safe lighting system, 10.5 inch tires, is adaptable to the road, allows you to climb ramps of up to 15 degrees of slope, has IP54 certified that protects you from water and we can control all your information through an app on your mobile. In the safety section, it should be noted that it has a complete lighting system with customizable taillights that guarantee high visibility even in low-light situations. It has an intermittent or turn signal, brake light, driving light and taillight.

Its dimensions, reduced weight, it only weighs 12.8 kg, and comfort for the grip means that we can easily transport it anywhere. Thanks to its Segway-Ninebot app, it is possible to customize the lights, see the status of the scooter or adjust the steering sensitivity easily.

Ninebot S scooter at an unbeatable price

The official price of this Ninebot S is 529 euros, although now it is possible to get it at a price of 357.90 euros. This is a great savings if we take into account the great discount applied by Amazon. In the current offer, the recommended price appears 429.99 euros, since it had already been reduced previously, while the final price drops to the indicated figure of 357.90 euros.

Ninebot S front electric scooter

A product that is sold and shipped by Amazon, so in just a couple of business days we can receive the Ninebot S at home to start enjoying it. In addition, those who are subscribed to the Amazon Prime service can receive it at home for free.

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