See photos that disappear on WhatsApp again without anyone knowing

A few months ago, the famous WhatsApp temporary or self-destructing messages were released, and many people are already enjoying this experience using their app. But did you know that there is a trick to see the photos that disappear from WhatsApp again?

How to see the photos that disappear in WhatsApp again without anyone noticing - Blog Hola TelcelWhat are temporary messages?

Temporary or self-destructing messages on WhatsApp are those that disappear after 7 days of being sent; This in order to have activated this function in an individual or group chat, so if you never activated this option, you never saw your conversations or files disappear.

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The advantage of temporary messages? Do not store information that may be important, discretion or not fill the memory of your cell phone.

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How to see the photos that disappear from WhatsApp again

According to WhatsApp, this messaging application leaves a trace when someone sees a photo of you. In the same vein, this is how you can see again the self-destructing photosIn addition to the fact that the other contact will not be able to notice that you did it.

  • Open your WhatsApp application, make sure it is up to date.
  • Enter the chat from which they sent you the photo or video that disappeared and that you want to see again.
  • Wait for the file to load.
  • Do not open it at that moment! Next, activate the ‘airplane mode’, and at this point, your cell phone should not be connected to the network, neither with Wi-Fi nor with your data.
  • Then go back to the messaging app and open the file.
  • When you have seen it, connect to the network again and thus, you will not leave a trace.

In this way, the photo or video that disappears on WhatsApp will not show your contact that you opened the file.

see again the photos that disappear from WhatsApp - Blog Hola Telcel

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Now you know the steps to follow to be able to see the temporary photos of WhatsApp again. If you liked it, share this tip with your contacts.

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