Search will find your iPhone, even if it’s turned off

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With the arrival of iOS 15, new updates to its services are presented. Such is the case of Search since an iPhone can be located, even if it is turned off

During the WWDC 2021 Apple presented iOS 15, the new update of your operating system in order to iPhone. With it come new news with its different services including its function Look for (Find My).

The tool that allows users to locate their devices will allow them to be found, even if they are turned off or their content has been deleted.

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So far for the tool Look for will work the iPhone it had to be on. However that will change with the arrival of iOS 15, since the equipment will not finish shutting down, since it will only enter a very low consumption mode, like the AirTags.

The function of Look for will also continue to work even when the iPhone run out of battery.

Now him iPhone It will continue to emit the necessary bluetooth signal for surrounding devices to pick up the message and relay the location to the network cloud Look for.

However Manzana went further, since although the iPhone it is fully restored to factory settings will remain locatable. This as long as the activation lock remains activated.

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In other words, if a user does not delete a iPhone of the app Look for it can be located manually.

Manzana explained that the greeting screen will show that the device is locked, locatable, and remains its original owner. All this in order to prevent this device from being sold illegally.

The new operating system it will also show the location of family and friends with a continuous broadcast, and it will enable separation alerts, in case the user has forgotten an object with a built-in AirTag, so that they can pick it up.

Even if Manzana pointed out that it is not a tool to prevent theft, it is a great advantage that the iPhone remain locatable.

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