Seagate Game Drive Large Capacity External Hard Drive Sale

In this case, the most frequently used is to use a external hard drive, since it allows us to keep everything we want in it to be able to use it when we need it wherever we are. If you are looking for a portable hard drive because you have run out of space, now you have the possibility to get this model from the manufacturer Seagate at an incredible price.

It’s about the disk Seagate Game Drive, which as its name suggests, is an external hard drive that is compatible with Sony PS4 game console. A model that is also available in two versions with different capacities, one with 2 TB of space and the other with double, 4 TB.

Offer for Seagate Game Drive External Hard Drive

Both versions can be found with a discount of over 30%, which represents an interesting saving. Specifically, the price for the hard drive Seagate Game Drive 2TB It is 104.99 euros, but after applying the 31% discount, it is available for purchase at a price of only 72.79 euros.

Seagate game drive side hard drive

In the case of the version with 4 TB capacity, Amazon has raised the discount percentage a tad more to reach 32%. This represents a slightly higher saving considering that the official price of this model is somewhat higher, 149.99 euros exactly. Therefore, this time the savings are more than 48 euros and it is available for purchase at a price of € 101.95.

PS4 compatibility

As we have already mentioned, one of the virtues of this portable hard drive is its compatibility with PS4. In this way, in addition to being able to save all the files that do not fit on the computer, that we want to always have at hand or a backup of the most important ones, it is possible to save our PS4 games and make space available for new ones.

Seagate game drive external hard drive lying down

In this way, in addition to solving the space problem on our console, we will achieve a considerably improved performance if we had the PS4’s hard drive almost full. It is a hard drive model that is compatible with any version of PS4 that has a version of the software equal to or later than 4.5.

Therefore, one of the ideal hard drives for consoles that has a read speed of 140 MB / s, that has a USB 3.0 hardware interface and that does not require additional drivers or complicated configurations.

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