Seagate Expansion Desktop hard drive discounted at Amazon

A renowned manufacturer in the sector thanks to a very complete and varied catalog. Also, there is now a Seagate hard drive sale that you should not miss, since it is a real bargain.

We talk about Seagate Expansion Desktop in its 6 TB version, which is now reduced by 62% so that you save more than 60 euros when you buy it. And beware that they take it home for free.

Shipping costs are included

Seagate Expansion Desktop external hard drive

More than anything because this hard drive includes free shipping. The only requirement is to have an Amazon Prime subscription. And taking into account that through this link you can enjoy a free trial month without permanence, it is the perfect time to expand the memory of your computer in a very simple way.

It should be remembered that the Seagate Expansion Desktop is a very simple to use model, since you only have to connect it to your PC or laptop through a USB port and your computer will automatically detect the hard drive.

To say that, despite having 6 TB of capacity, we are facing a model of moderate dimensions (0.25 x 0.51 x 17.53 cm) along with high-resistance polycarbonate finishes and edging that gives it a different touch.

Compatible with Windows and Mac

segate hard drive rear

Regarding storage capacity, it must be taken into account that this model with 6 TB of capacity is capable of storing more than a million photos (with an average weight of 5 megabytes per image), or 460 movies in Blu-ray format , which makes it clear that this Seagate Expansion Desktop will be enough for any user.

And do not worry about its reading and writing speed, since it is a USB 3.0 model that reaches a writing speed of 160 megabytes per second, in addition to a reading speed that reaches 210 megabytes per second.

Best of all, regardless of the operating system you use, this hard drive will work perfectly, as it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. In this way you can use this model in different environments without any problem. It’s perfect for work!

As you can see, we are facing adlarge capacity external hard isco and that it will become your best ally when it comes to saving movies and series, photos, documents and more files without storage capacity being a problem.

So, taking advantage of this offer from Amazon to buy the Seagate Expansion Desktop at a knockdown price, and on top of that with free shipping costs, you can enjoy a storage unit that will more than meet your expectations. You will not be disappointed!

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