Saving € 400 on this LG Gram laptop with great power and autonomy

Very light and thin with great power

A model that despite its great 17 inch screen with WQXGA resolution weighs only 1.3 kg and a thickness of 1.74 mm. Therefore, a laptop that we can easily carry from one place to another, since it is very light and has a very thin body. Now, that does not mean that it has powerful hardware inside.

LG Gram 17Z95N laptop front

Specifically, this LG LG gram 17Z95N-G-AA78B laptop is powered by a processor Intel Core i7 of the latest generation accompanied by nothing more and nothing less than 16 GB RAM memory and a 512GB capacity solid-state storage drive. It completes its equipment an iris Xe Graphics graphics card and has Windows 10 Home operating system.

Despite the thinness of the metal body made of magnesium and nanocarbon with military resistance of this LG gram 17Z95N-G-AA78B laptop, it is equipped with a large capacity battery that is capable of giving this equipment an autonomy of up to 17 hours. This makes it one of the most autonomous laptops for working outside the home.

In the connectivity section, it should be noted that it has three USB ports, a USB Type-C port with integrated Thunderbolt 3 to allow ultra-fast charging, an HDMI port, a headphone jack and a microSD card slot.

Big Discount on LG Gram 17Z95N-G-AA78B Laptop

A complete team whose official or recommended price for sale is 1,849 euros and that we can now get at a greatly reduced price. And is that the online shopping giant, has applied a discount of 22% on this model, which is a savings of 400 euros.

LG Gram 17Z95N side laptop

That’s all we won’t have to pay for this lightweight, slim, and powerful laptop if we order while the sale lasts. It is a product sold and shipped by Amazon that offers a delivery time of just one business day, so in 24 hours We can have it at home, totally free if we are also Amazon Prime customers.

For those who prefer it, it is possible to finance the purchase of this equipment and pay it in 24 installments of 66.56 euros, although in this case certain interest will have to be borne. However, the final price financed is still an incredible savings.

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