Sandisk SSD external drive on sale for 92 euros and with free shipping

The model that is in promotion Sandisk SSD Extreme 500, which has an attractive design, since its square shape makes it very different from the rest of the devices of this type on the market. In what has to do with portability there is excellent news, since the dimensions of this accessory are 7.57 x 7.57 x 1.07 centimeters, which is very good, and the weight is only 46 grams so it does not disturb anything in the backpack in which you carry this product. By the way, the color of the accessory is black, so it doesn’t clash with laptops, for example.

Sandisk SSD Extreme 500 disk black

In the connectivity section there is good news, since the interface used is USB 3.0. This on the one hand ensures that you will not have any compatibility problems and that you will be able to use this external SSD Sandisk disk both with computers as with consoles or Smart TV. Therefore, the external disk utility is excellent. On the other hand, what is indicated makes it clear that the stability of communications is very good and that the power to operate is acquired with the connection cable, so you only have to use one to work additionally with this device.

Great performance with this external SSD Sandisk drive

Due to the aforementioned connection and the use of a Solid State disk inside, the truth is that the transfer speeds achieved with this model reach up to 440 Mb / s. Therefore, inside this disk you can save all kinds of information, since the speed with which it is read or written is high and, therefore, it is possible from having applications installed to games. Even if you wish operating systemsas this will work great as there is no delay due to storage.

Appearance of the Sandisk SSD Extreme 500 black

Offer that you should take advantage of, yes or yes

We say this because right now on eBay you can take advantage of a discount that reaches the 2. 3% compared to what this accessory usually costs. The fact is that you only have to pay 92.99 euros to get the Sandisk SSD Extreme 500 which, in this case, has a capacity of 240 GB, an amount more than enough for most users. It is important to indicate that you do not have to pay anything for shipping costs, which is always a striking addition. This is the link that you have to use so as not to miss the opportunity we are talking about.

Finally, it should be noted that one of the good features of this external SSD Sandisk disk is that its resistance is very high, something that is achieved with a highly durable casing, since it does not have mechanical elements inside. Therefore, this is an excellently made accessory to use in all kinds of situations and, to get it, it is now really inexpensive.

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