SanDisk external SSD with high capacity and read speed on sale

And it is now possible to buy a portable SSD from the manufacturer SanDisk with a really incredible discount. The model in question is the SanDisk Extreme SSD and it is available in various capacities, although it is worth noting the reduction that we find in the versions with 1 TB, 2 TB and 500 GB of storage.

SanDisk Extreme external SSD on sale with different capacities

If we want to take the opportunity and go for the one with the largest capacity, 2 TB, we can take advantage of more than 50% discount. Specifically 55% is the reduction that Amazon has applied on this SSD that offers a reading speed of 550 MB / s. Therefore, while its official price is 599.99 euros, it is now possible to buy it for only 272.90 euros.

SanDisk Extreme external SSD lying flat

If, on the other hand, we are worth with half the storage, that is, 1 TB, then we can find the SanDisk Extreme SSD of 1 TB with read speed of up to 550 MB / s almost at half its original price. That is, instead of having to pay the 294.99 euros that correspond to its official price, we can buy it now on Amazon for only 151.80 euros and save more than 140 euros.

The model with 500 GB capacity and same reading speed as the versions mentioned above is also on offer at a very attractive discount. Specifically, Amazon has applied 46% for this version, allowing a saving of almost 70 euros. This means that instead of having to pay 151.99 euros, we can buy the SanDisk Extreme SSD of 500 GB for only 82.79 euros.

Great resistance

Therefore, a great opportunity to get one of the best external SSDs at the best price. In each case, these SSDs have a 2.5 form factor and have a USB Type-C port, which makes them compatible with all types of desktop computers, laptops, etc.

Front-facing SanDisk Extreme external SSD

In addition, this SanDisk Extreme model features a design that features IP55 certification, which makes all the versions mentioned above resistant to water and dust. In this way, we can take them anywhere without fear that any liquid or dirt can easily damage them. We must not forget that they also have a very compact size that allows us to carry them in any pocket, backpack or even hanging from our computer briefcase. Its measurements are approximately 4.95 x 0.89 x 9.63 and have a weight of around 40 grams.

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