Samsung will use fishing nets to make its next Galaxy

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To help the environment, Samsung announced that it will use plastic from social media to make its next Galaxy

In recent years the technology companies have shown concern for Protect the environment and reduce your ecological footprint. That is why Samsung announced that it will use fishing nets to make your upcoming galaxies.

According to the company in the development of its next smartphones will recycle the plastic to prevent it from continuing in the oceans.

“A new material has been developed that breathes new life into plastics found in the ocean. Since it will be incorporated into several Galaxy devices »

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Before the launch of his Galaxy S22 it was revealed that Samsung incorporate plastics from the ocean throughout its product line.

“These devices will reflect our continued effort to eliminate single-use plastics. And expand the use of other green materials, such as post-consumer recycled material (PCM) and recycled paper”

Samsung pointed out that the fishing nets They not only pollute the seas, but also become a threat to marine fauna as they trap and entangle animals, as well as damaging coral reefs and destroying their habitats.

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, fishing nets account for about 10% of the more than 12 million tons of plastic pollution that ends up in the oceans each year.

For its part, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations discards 640,000 tons of fishing nets in the oceans. And they can be up to 600 years in the sea.

Samsung pointed out that it is a plan with which they hope reduce environmental footprint on the planet and promote more sustainable lifestyles.

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At the moment the company has not shown details of the development of this material, nor how it will implement it in its Galaxy devices.

On February 9, the new Galaxy S22, which would already have this new material from fishing nets. But it is expected that it will also be found in all its products.

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