Samsung T5 1 TB portable SSD disk for only 129 euros

The model in question is the Samsung PSSD T5, a portable SSD available in different capacities, which we can now find on sale. Specifically, the greatest discount is found in the 1 TB capacity version, more than enough space to store everything we want. It is the model with the highest discount, specifically 41%, while the version with 500 GB capacity is also found with an interesting saving of 32%.

Offer for the 1TB 500GB Samsung PSSD T5

Therefore, two versions for this Samsung T5 external SSD with which we can save a lot of money at the moment. The official price for the 1 TB version is 219.99 euros, while now on sale it is available for only 129 euros, which represents a saving of just over 90 euros.

Samsung T5 SSD

For its part, the version with 500 GB, whose official price is 124.99 euros, we can buy it now for 40 euros less, that is to say 84.99 euros. Both options are sold and shipped by Amazon and offer a delivery time of about 7 days. If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you can also receive your external SSD for free. Without a doubt, a great choice if you are looking for a quality portable SSD at a good price.

Compact, robust and high data transfer speed

In both cases, it is a portable SSD with a lightweight and compact design It has a very minimalist metal casing but offers great resistance. The casing is made of shockproof aluminum and has an internal reinforcing frame that protects it from certain bumps or falls. The dimensions in both cases are 1.05 x 7.4 x 5.73 cm and weighs only 51 grams.

Samsung PSSD T5

A suitable disk to use with our PC, notebook, Smart TV and many other devices with Android operating system, consoles, etc. A solid state drive that offers a data transfer speed up to 540MB / s, which allows us to access our files and perform both reads and writes to the unit very quickly. A great option to speed up some computers with obsolete hardware and that guarantees us access to any saved data as quickly as possible.

Both the 1 TB version of Samsung PSSD T5 and the 500 GB version on offer are available in metallic blue or Ocean Blue, which is what the company calls it and includes Samsung’s own software that allows you to perform certain settings such as setting a password or getting the latest firmware updates.

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