Samsung soundbar with wireless subwoofer for 159 euros

Powerful soundbar with wireless subwoofer

It’s about the Samsung HW-T530 / ZF, a sound bar of 290 W power with 2.1 channels and 5 speakers with which you can listen to movies, series and any other content on the television with a sound as if you were in the cinema. And is that this model is capable of creating surround audio thanks to its great power and the wireless subwoofer with which it has, which offers incredible bass with the comfort of enjoying a wireless connection, without cables in between.

Soundbar with subwoofer Samsung HW-T530-ZF

This model incorporates Bluetooth connectivity, so in addition to being able to connect it in this way to our television, it also allows us to synchronize it with other devices such as the mobile itself or the tablet to send music. A soundbar that throws the sound both laterally and vertically so that the result is a completely surround sound, something that achieves thanks to the technology Dolby Digital 2.0 and DTS Virtual: X.

The 6.5-inch wireless subwoofer lets you feel the intensity of powerful and deep bass while surrounded by fully immersive sound. In addition, thanks to the function One Remote Control, it is not necessary to have several controls on the table. With a single remote control you can control the functions of this sound bar and directly from our Samsung TV.

The dimensions of this model are 92.6 x 43.5 x 27.1 cm and has a total weight of 9.3 kilograms. Some measures that allow us to place it on any piece of furniture, under the TV itself or even anchor it to the wall. It is compatible with most formats and in the connectivity section, it must be said that it also includes HDMI, HDMI ARC / CEC and USB.

More than 30% discount on the Samsung HW-T530 / ZF

The price of this Samsung soundbar is 229.56 euros, but thanks to the great discount applied by Amazon, it is possible to buy it from the following link at a final price of 159 euros.

Soundbar with subwoofer Samsung HW-T530-ZF

This supposes a saving of just over 70 euros when buying this model. A product sold and shipped by Amazon itself and that offers a delivery time of approximately one week. The purchase of this Samsung HW-T530 / ZF soundbar can be financed thanks to Amazon’s own service to be able to pay it in four installments of 40.74 euros each, which means finally paying a price of 162.98 for this model euros. This implies paying something more due to the interest, but the truth is that in this way it is still worth the savings we get with your purchase.

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