Samsung smartwatch finished in steel with an offer of 50 euros

The specific model that exists now with a discount that surely catches your attention is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, which is one of the best that the Korean manufacturer has on the market right now. Finished in stainless steel the size of the device is 40 millimeters so it is not particularly large and fits perfectly on the wrist. Obviously, this is a wearable accessory that allows belt change in a very simple way and, therefore, you can always give a new look to the device in case you get bored of the one offered by default.

Smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 made of steel

One of the good details that you have on the Samsung smartwatch that we are talking about is that it fits like a glove when it comes to wearing it when practicing sports (either in the gym or outdoors). This is especially because on the one hand it has military certification that ensures that bumps and falls are not a problem and, in addition, it does not lack protection against water, since it is compatible with IP68 and ensures that it is possible to submerge it up to five atmospheres without running any risk.

Good discount for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

It is one of the most attractive details that the smartwatch we are talking about has so that you decide to buy it. The discount reaches 15%, which represents a saving of 50 euros compared to what you would normally have to pay to get it. In addition, this model that weighs less than 50 grams and therefore hardly shows that it is being worn, right now has the interesting addition of not having to pay anything for shipping costs when making the purchase in the eBay store. This is the corresponding link:

Things to know about this Samsung smartwatch

One of the important ones is that it has an operating system inside Tizen, which allows you to install additional applications to customize in a very specific way the options that will allow you to enjoy this accessory on a daily basis. This also has the additional positive detail of allowing excellent compatibility with smartphones, since by using Bluetooth It is possible to synchronize it with models that use the iOS operating system such as those that integrate Android.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 screen

With a good number of sensors, including the heart rate itself or a three-axis accelerometer, it should be noted that this is a model that allows you to be connected independently, as it includes options such as WiFi. Undoubtedly, and thanks to the interesting offer that exists to buy this Samsung smartwatch, you should not miss the opportunity to get it quietly from home and with excellent reliability.

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