Samsung QLED Smart TV on offer at a great price and with 8K resolution

The specific model we are talking about is the Samsung QE55Q950, a television that will help you make the leap to be prepared when it comes to enjoying multimedia content in the best possible way, since among other things its powerful processor allows scaling and converting images to 8K so that you get what others right now cannot enjoy. The screen size of this device reaches the 55 inch, more than enough space to fit into any room, and one of its great virtues is a frequency of 4,300 Hz PQI.

Front of QLED Smart TV Samsung QE55Q950

Among the advances that you will find in the section of the image that this product has is the use of a panel QLED which, among other things, ensures that colors are rendered with absolute realism due to Quantum Dot technology. This also makes it possible for the brightness to be simply exceptional, as the 3,000 nits, something that has a very positive impact when consuming content compatible with HLG, HDR 10+ and HDR Q3000. In addition, the use of Direct Full Array Elite, so that the control of the light is total. In other words, you will always see Netflix and Amazon Prime Video series at their best.

Madness to get this Samsung QLED on sale

The truth is that the opportunity is really interesting, since right now you can get the model we talked about with a 15% discount, so we are talking about not paying 300 euros … a most striking figure to get a television of unquestionable quality. Also, right now you don’t have to pay nothing for shipping costs, which is a good additional detail and that very possibly means the push you needed to decide to make the purchase. This is the link you have to use:

Other good details of the Samsung QE55Q950

One of those that should be taken into account is that this is a model that includes Artificial intelligence, so the TV learns from your tastes and therefore always offers you the best possible user experience in all kinds of situations. Also this is a model that is compatible with the Ambient mode from the Korean company, this allows the television to be transformed into a decorative element when it is not used, since it is capable of displaying images such as interactive options or collections of paintings by well-known painters. A detail as curious as it is positive.

Side of the Smart TV QLED amsung QE55Q950

Compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa and with a sound from 2.1 channels that allows you to enjoy a power of no less than 60 W -the best on the market-, it should also be noted that the connectivity is excellent, since among other things you will find from four HDMI ports even options to access the internet that are extensive (WiFi and Ethernet, for example). By the way, this Samsung QLED on offer has the operating system Tizen which is one of the most complete on the market and allows you to install a large number of free applications.

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