Samsung prepares phone that folds twice

foldable phone

A report revealed that Samsung is already working on a smartphone that is divided into three parts, that is, it is folded twice

In recent years, companies have opted for folding smartphones. Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Huawei and other companies have already launched their models in this range. Hoping to present a model that solves all the problems that have been presented.

However, the South Korean company would go a step further, since it is preparing a phone That fold twice.

Samsung phone doubles twice

A report from the Asian media Nikkei revealed that Samsung is working on a smartphone which is divided into three parts, so you would need two hinges.

According to the report the phone it would have a larger screen on the inside without sacrificing the “standard” screen format on the outside. Some experts the information agrees with a series of patents that were registered by the company more than two years ago.

In the records the tech giant mentioned a type of device that bends twice. It should be remembered that currently the Galaxy Z Fold of Samsung It has a standard screen inside and, when opened, it has a relatively square screen of about 7.6 inches.

If a second hinge and a second fold are included, an internal panel in 16: 9 format and larger could be achieved. A bigger screen could help people who consume multimedia content on their devices.


It could also be a great experience when interacting with the different applications, since all the content could appear in a larger size.

So far the information of a phone That fold twice has not been officially confirmed by Samsung. But if it becomes a reality, it will be a big step in the world of folding cell phones.

Samsung It is not the first company that would be thinking of a smartphone with three screens since TCL would have already presented a concept of a mobile that is fold twiceHowever, the design was not carried over to a commercial design.

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