Samsung patents watch with folding screen and camera with flash


In order to compete against Apple, it was revealed that Samsung patented a smartwatch that would have a folding screen and a camera with a flash.

In recent years, companies have opted for the development of folding phones, Samsung I would be thinking of taking this technology further and I would bet on a Smart watch with this feature.

It was revealed that the company patented the design of a smartwatch with folding screen and camera with flash. This device could be a great competition for the Apple watch.


The Dutch site Let’s Go Digital highlighted that Samsung The patent was filed last June, but it was granted until December 9.

In the image shown you can see a Smart watch that does not have a completely round screen, but a little more elongated than normal.

But something that stands out is that it has a strip in the middle. When the watch is open, the screen is 40 percent larger than a Traditional Galaxy Watch.

The image shows a possible use of the equipment to view content such as videos, since it is in the widest position. The screen can accommodate a 16: 9 aspect ratio space in the center space.

One of the advantages of this watch is that the screen could be divided and in one part show certain types of information. And in the other section you can see other things.

The patent also indicates that it could have a camera

Samsung’s patent would also indicate that it could introduce a camera with a flash. So users could use it to capture photos or record video, but it could also be used to make video calls.

Samsung watch

However, it is not specified if the camera could be used all the time or if, by default, it will be linked to the use of the extended or compact screen.

This watch could be rolled up from its central part, so that users can use it in different ways since it could be used with the screen fully extended or with the middle part closed.

It should be remembered that it is a patent, so it cannot be guaranteed that this watch will exist. But it doesn’t seem like such a crazy plan after Samsung has opted for foldable devices.

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