Samsung monitor on offer with 4K resolution and with a great discount

But the model we are talking about is the Samsung U28E590D, a device that has a screen of 28 inches and that, therefore, provides more than enough space for the user experience with any type of content to be excellent. It is important to note that this is a model with a very striking design that mixes black and silver colors, and that also has quite small dimensions: 18.71 x 66.09 x 46.85 cm. eye! That the base of this device is excellent, since apart from being eye-catching, it offers a firmness that you will surely appreciate.

Front of the monitor Samsung U28E590D

As we have commented, this monitor has a panel 4K which is TN LED type. This ensures excellent reliability when it comes to presenting images and, therefore, is more than enough to be able to enjoy videos and images with an accuracy that becomes more than enough to enjoy professional levels. In case everything said seems little to you, it should be mentioned that this model has technology AMD FreeSync, which significantly improves the transmission of content, which reduces the distortion of what is represented. This, together with having a response time of only one millisecond, makes gaming a perfect choice to use with this monitor.

Excellent connectivity

So that you do not have any problems when using all the devices that you have at home with this product, such as computers and consoles, the options that you will find in this section are excellent, since for example you will not a couple of HDMI ports are missing that will prevent you from having to handle cables on a regular basis to switch from one sound source to another. Additionally, you should know that it also has DisplayPort in case you need this type of connection interface. Therefore, any type of need will be solved with this device.

Rear of Samsung U28E590D

Take advantage and buy this Samsung monitor on sale

If you are interested in getting this product and you do not want to pay more than 300 euros, now is the time you have to take advantage, since in the Amazon store there is a 17% discount which allows you to achieve exactly this. In addition, if you have a Prime account you will not have to add anything for shipping costs, which is also very interesting for many. With the possibility of hang it on the wall If you wish, since it is VESA compatible, we leave you the link that you have to use to get a quality monitor that works excellently, high resolution and a large screen.

Before concluding we want to comment on a couple of details that we think are important, and what they have to do with the image quality that you are going to achieve with this product. One is that its brightness reaches the 370 nits, which ensures that you will get a good viewing even if the light from a window hits the screen. In addition, the management of the colors is completely ensured, since their contrast reaches 100: 1. They are all good details as you see.

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