Samsung headphones on sale and with free shipping for only 79 euros

The model that has a good discount is the following: Samsung Galaxy Buds, which among other things uses technology Bluetooth 5.0 and therefore you can use it with laptops or mobile devices (both iOS and Android). Finished in high-quality plastic and offering excellent ergonomics when using them, it should be noted in this section that it has a weight of less than 10 grams each element of sound so they do not bother you at all when listening to music during long sessions without suffering any discomfort.

White Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones

As is customary for quality standalone headphones, these Samsung headphones on sale include sheath of transport that inside has a battery. This allows you to recharge the sound elements on several occasions, so the autonomy offered by this accessory is really wide and you will have no doubt that they serve you perfectly to be a day away from home and that you do not have to resort to a socket. The fact is that they get 15 hours without many problems and there is something else to highlight: they recharge in a wireless, since are compatible with Qi technology.

Do not miss the sale for the Samsung Galaxy Buds

If you find these helmets attractive and you want to get them right now, you have an excellent promotion on eBay for which you can save no less than 48% of the usual price, so you only have to pay 79 euros. A bargain in our opinion. We leave you the purchase link of this device where you do not have to pay shipping costs (This option is available for a limited time), for this model that has USB type C connectivity so they are very current.

The virtues of these Samsung headphones on offer

There are several, since we are talking about an accessory that is very complete, since for example it has touch controls so that the management of reproductions is simple (in both sound elements there are panels that can be used). Besides, they do not lack several microphones to answer calls, which is always useful. By the way, these components are what make it possible to use the function Ambient Sound, which makes it possible to never lose details of what sounds around you … ideal when you are in the city and do not want to have any problem with traffic, for example.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Headphones with Case

Finally, since I comment that the sound quality is quite good, since for example these Samsung headphones on sale are certified by AKG, which is all life insurance. With a correct management of the usual frequencies and with some quite convincing bass, with the price they have the truth is that they are an excellent buying opportunity. Don’t you think?

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