Samsung Galaxy S21 design revealed


Reports indicate that the phones would be presented in the coming weeks to compete with the iPhone 12

Months after the iPhone 12, users are already talking about what the new devices of Samsung. Over the past few weeks there have been several rumors about the Galaxy S21.

The user @UniverseIce used his account Twitter to share the possible design of the company’s new cell phone. According to the leaked images there would be important changes compared to the S20.

With the message “the design of the Galaxy S21 is unique and deserves praise,” the leaker revealed the design of the new phone from Samsung.

The leaker did not reveal how he had obtained the photos of the company’s new device.

Users point out the design similar to the iPhone 12

After the images some people have indicated that they have a design similar to the one presented by Manzana with his iPhone 12. Since it goes from a curved back to a practically flat one. Its sides would also lose curvature.

Another change in the design It is given in the photography section, since its triple rear camera would be housed in a module that would be attached to the metallic side.

Samsung Galaxy S21

On the front the Samsung Galaxy S21 it does not present major changes and maintains a hole centered at the top for the front camera.

Previously Max Weinbach announced that with the new design“Samsung would take the opportunity to use a dual-color strategy to accentuate the camera, and these new images give us an idea of ​​what the Galaxy S21 will look like with two color tones.”

On the technical specifications they have revealed that they will not even present major changes. The reports indicate that the S21 Ultra will be the one that presents great advantages with improvements in the camera with the integration of a new 108 megapixel sensor and screen, now with an adaptive refresh rate.

Rumors indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S21 It will be presented in January 2021.


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