Samsung creates a system to measure blood pressure in folding mobile phones

MADRID, April 27 (2021) –

Samsung has developed a system for measuring the blood pressure of people who use mobile phones with folding screens and sensors located for the screen.

The South Korean company has published this April in the International Patent Office (WIPO, for its acronym in English) the Patent for a system for a ‘bioinformation estimation method’ using a foldable electronic device, as compiled by the Lets Go Digital portal.

The technology works on a device with a screen design similar to a folding tablet, similar to the series Samsung Galaxy Fold, but also in shell-type folding mobiles, such as Galaxy Z Flip.

For its operation, it has two image sensors located at the bottom of the flexible screen, with what allows to obtain biometric information of the user when placing his index finger and close the screen with your finger in the middle.

The system converts the pixel information into a wave amplitude signal, and you are also able to feel the pressure of your finger on the screen. The data is shown to the user through the external display when the device is closed, indicating if it is necessary to move the finger.

Another alternative contemplated in the Samsung patent is that sensors are placed on the outside of the deviceso that it is not necessary to close the screen and be able to use more fingers to measure, or even the palm of the hand.

Among the information that can be obtained through this technique is the vascular age, with the condition of the carotid artery and cholesterol levels, the aortic pressure when the user is sitting or arterial stiffness.

Other indices that can be measured with this system are the vascular compliance (the degree to which an organ yields when force is applied), the index stress or fatigue level.

Samsung’s system also contemplates the use of information entered by the user, such as their sex, weight, and body mass index, to make a better interpretation of the health data obtained.

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