Samsung Bot Care and Bot Handy

Samsung Bot Care and Bot Handy

During CES 2021 Samsung presented its personal assistant Bot Care and its robot for housework Bot Handy

Different robots to carry out different activities that improve people’s lives. Although the companies had focused on a business domain, Samsung surprised with the presentation of Bot Care and Bot Handy.

In its participation in CES 2021, the company presented these two domestic models which are designed for the end consumer, making their life easier as it helps them in their daily tasks.

The robots are equipped with artificial intelligence and designed to act as a personal assistant and take care of many of the housework.

Samsung Bot Care

He Samsung Bot Care It was designed to become people’s personal assistant. According to the company, it is able to identify habits, learn them and make decisions for the benefit of users.

Bot Care

He robot is able to move around the house and identify the objects in the environment in order to process information and assimilate those activities that are carried out so that it can help people in the future.

The ability to memorize the Samsung Bot Care It helps to keep the schedules in mind and can also enable reminders.

It has a screen where it will show routines, habits and reminders, and you can even make video calls or watch video content.

Samsung Bot Handy

Bot Handy

He Samsung Bot Handy It was designed to make people forget to do some housework. It incorporates an arm with an articulated clamp that allows you to identify objects, grasp them and interact with the environment.

During his presentation, it was possible to see how the robot takes dishes and glasses from a sink and meticulously places them inside a dishwasher.

In this sense Samsung noted that Bot Handy You can move objects from one place to another, clean, put our clothes, etc.

When will the Samsung Bot Care and Bot Handy be available?

Samsung noted that both Bot Care as Bot Handy They are under development, so it is still unknown when they could reach the market and the price they could have.

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