Samsung Bluetooth speaker now with its biggest offer for only 40 euros

The specific model we are talking about is the Samsung Level Box Slim, a device that can be taken from one place to another, since it has very small dimensions, of only 148.4 x 79 x 25.1 mm, and that has a weight of 236 grams that ensures that carrying it is not annoying. Finished in high-quality red plastic in this case, it should be noted that this accessory has several function buttons that allow it to be controlled easily at all times.

Samsung Level Box Slim speaker red

One of the things in which this model impacts against the competition is that it offers a simply spectacular autonomy. So, you can use it for 30 hours with regular use (without abusing the volume continuously) and, therefore, you will have no doubt that this is a model that is an excellent companion when going out to the field or when going out to eat out. An excellent detail that this Samsung Bluetooth speaker has is that allows charging mobile devices using the corresponding USB cable, so it is sure that at some point it can save your life.

An offer that will surprise you

The reason is that this device right now you can buy it from home with total reliability with a 70% discount, a real bargain for a high quality Bluetooth speaker that is very complete. The fact is that you only have to pay 39.99 euros to get it, to which you have to add some ridiculous shipping costs: € 2.99. Without a doubt, an excellent possibility for a product that has a rear element that allows put the device in stand mode and therefore that you have excellent stability when using it.

More details of this Samsung Bluetooth speaker

The version Bluetooth that this model uses is the 4.1, which without being the last one that exists, does ensure adequate connectivity and, in the compatibility section, you will not have problems with computers, tablets and smartphones (both with iOS and Android). As far as sound is concerned, the power that this model allows reaches the 8 W, so taking into account its dimensions and that it does not distort anything, it must be said that this speaker stereo It is one of those that ensures a quality that will surely convince you.

Phone charging with the Samsung Level Box Slim speaker

With a microphone integrated, which allows even to use it as a hands-free and answer the calls that are received on the phone with which it is synchronized, there is an additional detail that will surely convince you to make the purchase right now: it offers IPX7 water resistance, so the splashes that usually occur in the pool or bathrooms will not be a problem in what has to do with the durability of this Samsung Bluetooth speaker.

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