Samsung Bluetooth headphones with their biggest discount on Amazon

The accessory we are talking about is the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, a product that is finished in high quality plastic and in this particular case you can get them with a great discount both in silver color like black. Some of the things that should be noted regarding the design of this device is that they have a silicone tip so that the fit is perfect and their weight as a whole is below 14 grams, which means that you will use it for a long time is no problem. Obviously, it does not lack a carrying case that has more functions apart from its own that allows to protect the helmets.
Silver Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Bluetooth Headphones

This is none other than supplying power when necessary and in this way you do not have to resort to a plug to charge the Samsung Bluetooth headphones we are talking about. Thanks to the fact that this accessory has a 472 mAh battery, it is possible to enjoy up to 18 hours playback of continuous music without having to use any cable (by the way, the one you will have to use is USB type C). Another excellent detail in this section of autonomy is that this is a product that has wireless charging, which allows even some phones to recharge as long as they are compatible with Qi technology.

Sound … you won’t be disappointed

We say this among other things because the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro have active noise cancellation, which is already a sure thing when it comes to enjoying all kinds of content such as music or games itself. With a diaphragm that exceeds 8 mm and a sensitivity of 20 dB, the truth is that this model is among the best in its product range. It is important to comment that this device has three built-in microphones that ensure excellent quality both when executing the aforementioned cancellation and when answering calls without disturbing anything.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro case

Great deal for Samsung Bluetooth headphones

If you think that these are the wireless headphones you want to buy, now you can get it with an excellent discount that allows you to have to pay only 150 euros, a figure that we consider more than sensible for a complete and high-quality headphones. With IPX7 water protection, which ensures that neither rain nor sweat is a problem for this product so you can take them in all kinds of situations, we leave you the link that you have to use to not miss this opportunity in the Amazon store and where you do not have to pay nothing for the costs I send you in the case of having a Prime account.

No compatibility problems with all types of devices because it uses technology Bluetooth 5.0, these Samsung Bluetooth headphones do not lack the possibility to manage the reproductions through gestures. Without a doubt, an excellent opportunity that we believe you should not miss if you are looking for helmets that offer you the maximum possible freedom.

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