Samsung Bluetooth headphones on sale with a discount of 44 euros

Aesthetically, the model we are talking about is the most striking, since it has a Jewish shape that is most curious, but that allows placing them on the ear to be something simple and that the use does not cause any fatigue, since the ergonomics are practically perfect. The fact is that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are an accessory that does not leave anyone indifferent and that, despite this, has no handicap in what has to do with the sound quality they offer when connecting through technology. Bluetooth (allowing full compatibility).

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Headphones

If something you need in the helmets you buy is that everything is heard with a more than acceptable quality, the truth is that this model is not going to disappoint you at all. The reason you have for us to say this is that, for example, you have active noise cancellation (ANC), so walking will prevent you from enjoying the music you listen to to the fullest. Additionally, it is interesting to comment that this is these Samsung Bluetooth headphones and is that are AKG certified, which is all life insurance to avoid any disappointment when using it with all kinds of content. By the way, having 12-millimeter diaphragms, despite the accessory’s dimensions, is also very positive in this section.

Autonomy, excellent in this product

This is something really important in models that are wireless, since the user experience that is achieved is not very convincing. The case is each sound unit has a 60 mAh battery, which is perfectly combined with the one integrated in the carrying case, which in this case reaches 472 mAh. So get 21 hours of use it is completely possible without having to look for a plug … and, this is so, with noise cancellation activated. Excellent. By the way, when it comes to charging, what is striking about these Samsung Bluetooth headphones is that they offer an option wireless.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Headphone Case

Brutal offer for these Samsung Bluetooth headphones

If both the design of these helmets and their quality convince you, right now you can get them on Amazon with a 22% discount regarding the price it has in the aforementioned online store. This allows you to buy them, without paying anything for shipping if you have a prime account, for only 2,155 euros. A very attractive promotion and that is an excellent opportunity. We leave you the link so that you can get them from home and take advantage of their good ergonomics and low weight (each sound element is only 5.6 grams).

We do not want to end without commenting that this is a model that has three microphones to ensure a really good and efficient hands-free use and, if you are concerned about its resistance, you should know that it has protection against splashes and sweat, since it is compatible with the standard IPX2. Without a doubt, a great purchase option.

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