Samsung announces cloud gaming platform

Samsung video games

Samsung plans to expand its business so it is already planning to launch its own cloud video game platform for its televisions with Tizen

The industry of gaming has grown significantly, which is why various companies have decided to bet on this market, such is the case of Samsung.

The tech giant announced that it plans to expand its business and will now have a new entertainment offering for its platform from Tizen smart TVs. It is a platform for cloud video games.

Samsung announces cloud gaming platform

During the Keynote at SDC21, Visual Display Software Senior Vice President of R&D Yongjae Kim revealed that the company wants to enter this market strongly.

It is a market that for several years Samsung has wanted to enter. So for a while now he has focused on creating his cloud gaming platform.

It should be remembered that in 2010 the company already took a first step by reaching an agreement with Gaikai, a game transmission firm, to develop Samsung Cloud Gaming.

This service would allow users to play from the television only with a remote control and an internet connection. The beta version was released, but Gaikai left the project because he joined the PlayStation Now service.

Now the company resumed its intentions to have your cloud gaming platform. The idea is that people do not have to resort to consoles or computers to play.

Samsung cloud gaming platform

It is known that Samsung It is already working with some partners so that users can access the games from their Samsung Smart TV equipped with the Tizen platform.

Samsung joins the list of large technology companies that are committed to gaming in the cloud, such as:

  • Google Stadia
  • Amazon Moon
  • PlayStation Now
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming
  • Nvidia GeForce Now

For the moment Samsung He did not give more details about the games that will be available, if it will be only on his platform or will reach other services and its possible launch date.

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