Samsung 4K Smart TV with an impressive discount of 190 euros

The screen that you will find in this device has dimensions of 43 inch, which in principle is more than enough to be able to enjoy all kinds of content without any problem. In addition, this is a product that has a good number of options that make it ideal today, such as the compatibility it offers with HDR which allows you to enjoy a very high dynamic range of colors and therefore the realism is very good (the use of Dynamic Crystal Color). Additionally, we must also highlight the 4K UHD ador that very efficiently manages the contrast and also the scaling of the images.

Smart TV 4K Samsung 43RU7475 with remote

Another detail that is positive in this Samsung 4K Smart TV is that it has one of the best operating systems for televisions that exist today. We talk about Tizen, a development in a very important way and that is currently one of those that allows a very fluid work with all kinds of options. In addition, it also enables the installation of a large number of applications (such as games simple), and it does not lack all the clients of streaming video services that exist today such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video. And, all this, you can get it without having to pay absolutely nothing for each of the apps.

A connectivity that is more than enough

This is something that at first many do not review properly and then they find themselves with the unpleasant surprise of having to constantly manipulate cables. With this Samsung 43RU7475 that will not happen to you, since for example you have three HDMI ports and a USB pair that allow you to always have the console plugged in to the use of external drives with multimedia content. Besides, you can also find both digital optical audio output and Ethernet port, so all physical options are present. And what about wireless? Well, exactly the same: there is so much Bluetooth What Wifi, so nothing is absent.

Samsung 43RU7475 4K Smart TV frames

Take advantage of the offer for the Samsung 4K Smart TV

The discount that exists to get this product is one of the most important that we have seen to date, since it reaches 35%. This means that you save 190 euros, which allows you to have to pay only 349 € to have it at home (since you do not have to add anything for shipping costs at this time). With dimensions that are quite small, since they remain in 97 x 5.8 x 56.3 cm with base, we leave the link that you have to use so as not to miss this opportunity:

With a sound that is quite convincing as it is stereo and allows you a maximum power of 20 WThe truth is that with the price that this Samsung 4K Smart TV now has, it is an excellent purchase option even to place it as a second television in the rooms of your house.

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