Sale on Amazon for the LG SJ3 soundbar for only € 139.99

The model in question offers 2.1 channel sound and a total power of up to 300 W, so without a doubt, it will increase the power and quality of the sound of our television. It is one of the sound bars with a wireless subwoofer, which allows you to enjoy very deep bass and great power, since only the subwoofer has 200 W. The other 100 W remaining provides the main element of this bar sound from LG that we can get now at a discounted price.

Take advantage of the offer on the LG SJ3 soundbar

Specifically, the official price for this LG SJ3 soundbar is 169 euros, a more than adjusted price taking into account its performance and power. Now, thanks to the offer available on Amazon, it is possible to save 17% on the purchase of this model.

lg sj3 sound bar with subwoofer

This allows us to get it at a final price of 139.99 euros, a price that we can pay in four installments of 35.87 euros if we prefer. The delivery time for this sound bar is only a couple of business days, so within a period of 48 hours we will be able to receive it at our home.

High-powered soundbar with bluetooth technology

In addition to its enormous power, this sound bar has Bluetooth technology, which allows it to be synchronized with our mobile to send our favorite music playlists. A model with Dolby Digital support and that also has Auto Sound Engine, which allows you to adjust the sound in each scene to offer the most balanced sound possible regardless of the volume level. All this will make the sound experience very complete.

lg sj3 soundbar

As far as design is concerned, this Sony SJ3 has dimensions of 7.1 x 95 x 4.7 cm and a weight of 6.7 kilograms. At first glance, you can see how it has a modern design and a quality finish, being one of the sound bar models that we can anchor directly to the wall, since it has wireless technology and we will not have to have any cable for half.

In the connectivity section, in addition to bluetooth, it should also be noted that it has a USB port to connect any external storage device and that it is possible to control its functions with the remote control of the TV.

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