‘Sailor Moon Eternal’: Story, trailer and when it comes to Netflix

Sailor Moon is one of the most famous and popular animated series of the 90s. In Mexico there are thousands of fans who remember her and who will soon be able to enjoy her latest movie, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal, on Netflix. Find out all the details here.

The Japanese anime series told us the story of Serena, that after establishing contact with Moon, a talking cat, learns that she is destined to become a Sailor scout, a warrior who fights for love and justice. Read on to find out what his tape is about.

sailor moon eternal

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What is the history of Sailor Moon Eternal?

The movie Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon EternalHe was co-produced by Toei Animation and Studio Deen. On the screen you can see all the protagonists gathered, the Sailor Mars: Jupiter, Mercury and Chibi Moon.

History will be a fight between good and evil; shows how Serena and Sailor Chibi Moon meet Pegasus, who is searching for the Maid chosen one that can break the seal of the ‘Golden Crystal’. Together they will face Dead moon circus, who seeks to seize the ‘Legendary Silver Crystal’ and rule the moon and earth.

sailor Moon
Photo: Twitter of Sailor Moon Mexico


The movie of sailor Moon debuted in Japan in January this year and is divided into two parts. Here we share the trailer.

Where and when can we see the movie?

Netflix will broadcast Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal next June 3 with Latin dubbing. From what you see preparing the popcorn and scheduling the date.

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Are you ready to save the world with Sailor Moon?

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